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Goldline - Diamonds - 1 - A special crystal
A special crystal
It is recommended to pay some attention when buying and selling a diamond. The 4 factors that determine the price/quality:
  • The weight - carat | How big is the diamond?
  • The creation - cut | How is the diamond cut?
  • The color - color | Is the stone white or tinted with a color?
  • The purity - clarity | Is the stone spotless or not?
We have professional equipment to check these points.
Goldline - Diamonds - 2 - Free valuation
Free valuation
We value your diamonds and jewelry free of charge. If you wish to sell, we will pay the highest price, directly in cash or by bank transfer. We buy all diamonds, with or without certificate from IGI, HRD or GIA. Contact us for a free valuation.
Goldline - Diamonds - 3 - Highest price guarantee
Highest price guarantee
Diamonds from an inheritance or just stored somewhere? Don't leave them! They can yield more than you might think. We guarantee you a higher payout than any other places. Giving the highest payout is guaranteed to be our specialty.
Goldline - Diamonds - 4 - Professional equipment
Professional equipment
A diamond is complex. Buying and selling is for many an unusual activity. It is therefore important that the valuation is carried out by a diamond expert. We are happy to offer you our professional expertise in close cooperation with notaries and insurance companies.
Goldline - Diamonds - 5 - House of trust
House of trust
Goldline has been known for years as a house of trust for the purchase and sale of diamonds. A name that we want to keep at all costs. That's why we pride ourselves on ensuring that every correctly paid order also ends up spotless in the hands of the buyer. The delivery of your purchase is therefore 100% insured.