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Goldline - Coins - 1 - Purchase coins
Purchase coins
Do you wish to sell your (old) coins? Then you have come to the right place. Goldline buys all gold coins from home and abroad, also damaged. We buy all your gold coins, tenners and ducats as well as antique coins. We also buy your silver coins from before 1966. This regardless of the condition of the coins and this at the highest price. Identification required, discretion assured.
Goldline - Coins - 2 - Professional expertise
Professional expertise
Our reliable assets:
  • You will be helped by a qualified and experienced jeweler
  • You will be transparently informed about the pricing
  • You get the best price, direct cash or bank transfer
Coins from an inheritance or simply stored somewhere?
Don't leave them! They can yield more than you might think.
Goldline - Coins - 3 - Free valuation
Free valuation
Would you like to have your coins estimated for sale without obligation? Which can! We value your coins, tenners and ducats for free. You are always welcome in our store, even without an appointment. Contact us for more information.
Goldline - Coins - 4 - House of trust
House of trust
Goldline has been known for years as a house of trust for the purchase and sale of (old) coins. A name that we want to keep at all costs. That's why we pride ourselves on ensuring that every correctly paid order also ends up spotless in the hands of the buyer. The delivery of your purchase is therefore 100% insured.