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Goldline - Highest gold price Highest gold price
Goldline - Discretion assured Discretion assured
Goldline - Expert since 1993 Expert since 1993
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Goldline - Gold - 1 - Purchase (old) gold
Purchase (old) gold
Do you have gold jewelry you want to sell? Do you want to sell gold jewelry to an expert who will give you the highest possible payout and get money for it right away? Then Goldline is the place for you! Our main specialization is the purchase of gold and diamonds. We buy all your gold, including waste from goldsmiths, dies and casting residues, waste and sharps, gold bars and coins, watches, both working and non-working, and jewellery.
Goldline - Gold - 2 - Highest price guarantee
Highest price guarantee
Our prices fluctuate daily according to the price of gold. We purchase gold in all shapes and carats, including 14 carat, 18 carat, 20 carat, 22 carat, 24 carat and powdered gold. In addition, we also buy broken gold or gold of low purity. We also buy gold bars and gold coins, new and antique.
Goldline - Gold - 3 - Our asset
Our asset
Because the majority of the businesses that specialize in purchasing gold do not have their own smelter, they then resell it to larger merchants who do melt their gold themselves. In our case, you sell to the smelter itself. It regularly happens that traders who buy gold themselves come to us to resell to us. We are the last step. That is why you get the best price at Goldline.
Goldline - Gold - 4 - Professional expertise
Professional expertise
Our reliable assets:
  • You will be helped by a qualified and experienced jeweler
  • You will be helped in a separate counter, this for your discretion and safety
  • You will be informed transparently, from weighing to pricing
  • You will get the best gold price according to the latest gold value
As an extra advantage, you will receive a 20% discount on (almost) all items in our store if you spend the amount of your sold gold with us.
Goldline - Gold - 5 - House of trust
House of trust
Goldline has been known for years as a house of trust for the purchase and sale of (old) gold. A name that we want to keep at all costs. That's why we pride ourselves on ensuring that every correctly paid order also ends up spotless in the hands of the buyer. The delivery of your purchase is therefore 100% insured.