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English Pond Sovereign
Stock : 25 pieces
Your sale : 0.724411,26
Gross weight : 7.99 gram
Origin : Britain
Purity : 900/1000
Fine quality : 22 carat
The English Gold Sovereign was first issued in England in 1489 at the time of King Henry VII. The name 'Sovereign' referred from the first causes to the monarch sitting on the throne. The side of the coin bore the coat of arms of England and the distinctive rose of the House of Tudor. Originally the coin was minted in 23 carat gold and weighed 240 grain (64.80 mg), or half a troy ounce, but King Henry VIII lowered the gold content to 22 carat gold and set the goarmee, thus setting all standard top-up coins Engelaudeno for coin

The original English Gold Sovereign was last minted in 1604. In 1817, after 'the Great Recoinage' of 1816, brought with it the now British Gold Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. The British Sovereign was given the face value of 1 pound sterling and was eventually minted until WW I. Great Britain, like the countries of the Latin Union, was forced to disconnect its gold standard by chicken.

Although the British Sovereign was withdrawn from circulation in 1914, and from then on banknotes became the dominant means of payment, the British Royal Mint continued to use the coin until 1917. Later the coin was only minted in Sydney, in its subsidiary Perth, Mumbai, Ottawa. and Pretoria, with the exception in 1925 when the British Sovereign was minted by the Royal Mint for a year back, as an attempt by Winston Churchill to get the British currency back on the gold standard.
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